Located only 90 minutes from Montreal and Quebec City, Shawinigan is a city that offers many opportunities for economic success, but also an excellent living environment. It is the second largest city in Mauricie after Trois-Rivières in terms of number of inhabitants. Businesses in Mauricie and Shawinigan are increasingly supported by Web agencies and SEO agencies like ours, to contribute to the economic growth of the region.

Shawinigan is known for its historic role in Canada’s paper and hydroelectric industry , which is why it is designated a “Cité d’Energie”. A few decades ago, the city’s economy was heavily affected by the closure of several pulp and paper mills. This has resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs. Since then, Shawinigan has made significant efforts to diversify its economy in order to encourage the establishment of new businesses. Among the measures taken: the establishment of industrial zones, the establishment of various investment incentive programmes, the establishment of partnerships with higher education institutions and research centres, etc.

Today, Shawinigan is a particularly interesting place to start a business. In addition, the population of Shawinigan is constantly increasing. It now exceeds the 50,000 inhabitants mark (49,802 in 2021).

But how do you make your business known in this city? How to gain market share? improve the natural referencing of your site thanks to a well-thought-out SEO strategy. That’s where our SEO agency in Shawinigan comes in.

How does SEO help increase your revenue?

SEO is a lever that you must exploit to increase your visibility in Shawinigan, and therefore to reach more customers. It’s the must-have tool to get your site to appear in the top ranks of Google’s search results. A well-optimized website will offer you several advantages:

  • Increased visibility: a well-optimized site will allow you to target your prospects, communicate your company’s values, meet an urgent need or encourage your targets to take a specific action;
  • Internet users’ trust: 56% of Internet users do not trust companies without a website;
  • Diversification of sales channels: in 2020, more than 74.5% of Quebecers purchased goods or services online;
  • Saving on ads: According to statistics, optimizing a site is much more profitable than direct or online ads.

Our SEO expertise for the success of your business

Thanks to a wide expertise in natural referencing, our SEO agency offers all the services necessary to improve the positioning of your site.

Analysis of SEO statistics

Any strategy to improve a site’s SEO is based on a relevant and unbiased SEO analysis. This analysis consists of carrying out a complete audit of your domain. It will answer various questions: how do web crawlers react to the “signals” emitted by your site? Is your site user-friendly? What is the value of your content? What about the user experience of your pages?

Keyword Identification and Analysis

Keywords are the terms typed in by Internet users when they search the internet. They must be well chosen because integrating the right keywords into your content allows you to improve your SEO and attract the maximum number of Internet users to your site.

To get qualified traffic, you need to start by evaluating the reach of your keywords. It will then be a question of answering the question: what are the search terms on which you want to stand out first? Only the best keywords should be retained and those that require too much effort to work on should be relegated to second place.

Identifying the right keywords requires a good understanding of Internet users’ expectations and behaviors by putting yourself in their shoes and using various traffic and domain analysis tools.

SEO strategy design and implementation

To improve a site’s SEO, it is imperative to implement a well-thought-out strategy. The strategy we are adopting is based on 3 key points:

  • On-site actions: the objective here is to create a good user experience based on the development of quality content with high added value and the improvement of the ergonomics of your site;
  • Off-site actions: these are carried out outside of your site and essentially consist of strengthening the notoriety of your site. They generally include actions related to the generation of backlinks and marketing campaigns on social networks;
  • Additional technical actions: improving the loading speed of the site, transforming a traditional site into a mobile-friendly site, repairing broken links, repairing indexing errors, etc.

Optimization of content for Internet users and for bots

On the internet, content is ROI. And for good reason, in addition to retaining and retaining Internet users, it improves the positioning of a site on search engines. Our SEO agency in Shawinigan has the necessary staff and technical means to optimize all the content of your site.

In particular, we have experienced writers who are able to write texts that include your keywords and are interesting for your targets. We think it’s very important to offer real information to your visitors. This is the only way they will think about coming back to your website.

In fact, SEO is largely based on the quality of the content you produce. As proof, currently, the pages that rank best in search results are those that provide maximum added value.


Very simply, netlinking is the activity that consists of setting up links that act as bridges between websites. These links are called inbound links, backlinks or backlinks.

Links from sites with a high reputation are those that can quickly influence the SEO of a site. Our agency can offer you such links. It’s even unassuming that we claim that we offer one of the best backlink acquisition campaigns in all of Canada. This is because we can get you links from government sites and reputable blogs in specific industries.

However, it is important to remember that no site will recommend you if you are not serious. That’s why, we take care to check many points before getting you quality links. Thus, our intervention will not only improve your SEO, but also improve your notoriety in your field.

An SEO strategy adapted to your structure and meeting your needs

The strength of our SEO agency is that we offer customized solutions, i.e. we can help companies in all sectors. In addition, we place customer satisfaction above all else.

It is with this in mind that, in addition to carrying out technical optimization operations on the sites, we carry out relevant market research to understand the realities of your field. This is essential for our teams to establish an effective action plan.

On top of all this, we offer our customers realistic suggestions. It is important to understand that improving a site’s positioning in search engines requires continuous work based on well-thought-out decisions.