Do you want to start a business in Louiseville? Is your company already established in the city and you want to increase your turnover? Our SEO agency in Louiseville can certainly help you. How? By helping you improve the positioning of your site.

Louiseville: an interesting city to start a business

Louiseville is a city located in the Mauricie region, between Quebec City and Montreal. Surrounded by Lake Saint-Pierre to the north, Route 138 and Chemin du Roy, it was created in 1988 after the merger of the City of Louiseville and the Municipality of Saint-Antoine-de-la-Rivière-du-Loup.

With an area of 63.54km2, the city now has more than 7000 inhabitants.

Dynamic and surrounded by nature, Louiseville is a perfect city to start a business, no matter the sector. Indeed, the city is home to:

  • A major commercial thoroughfare;
  • An industrial park (Regional Industrial Park of the Maskinongé RCM);
  • Many primary and secondary schools;
  • A health and social services centre;
  • Various sports facilities: golf course, arena, sports facilities, etc.

In addition, the city has been the subject of various housing development projects for several years. All this makes it an attractive city to live in. However, it should be remembered that the increase in population determines the supply of labour, an essential component of growth potential.

Internet: a marketing and sales tool to use to succeed in business in Louiseville

If you want to run a successful business in Louiseville, you need to make the most of the internet by investing in the creation of a website. The reason is simple: Canadians’ use of the Internet is steadily increasing. For example, in 2022, this use reached 95% among Canadians aged 15 and older, up from 92% in 2020.

It is therefore a fact that as time goes by, Canadians are becoming more and more familiar with the web and no longer hesitate to integrate the solutions offered into their daily habits. According to recent data, more than 3 out of 4 Canadians now use the Internet to conduct banking transactions.

The people of Louiseville are no exception to this rule. In fact, you should know that 95% of adults living in Mauricie have unlimited Internet access in their homes, while the average for Quebec as a whole is 89% (NETendances 2022).

All this to say that in this day and age, you need to be very present on the internet to stand out from your competitors and gain more customers.

The benefits of a high-performance website for your business

Having a high-performance website, i.e. one that is well optimized for SEO, will bring you many advantages:

  • Increased visibility: by being visible on the web, you become potentially visible everywhere, so your customers will no longer be limited to Louiseville but will even be able to go beyond Quebec (in 2022, 75% of Quebec adults personally made at least one online purchase);
  • A larger customer base : as a corollary of the previous point, the more your visibility increases, the more new customers you will have;
  • More market share: not having a presence on the web will put you at a disadvantage compared to your competitors. If a website is a real asset for your competitors, why not do what is necessary to have a quality one?
  • A better reputation: by allowing Internet users to leave reviews and comments on your site, you will be able to improve your service and at the same time cultivate the image of a company that listens to the desires and needs of its customers.

Our SEO agency in Louiseville, your partner for optimizing the performance of your websites

Having a website is an asset for your business, but it still needs to be efficient, i.e. attractive (generate leads) and visible on search engines. This is where our SEO agency comes in.

Indeed, we carry out all the necessary services to make your site a money-making machine. How? By improving your natural referencing, or SEO. To this end, we propose various actions.

Domain Audit

Before implementing SEO actions, we start by carrying out an SEO analysis of your site. It’s really about checking the performance of your site, determining the strengths and weaknesses of your site in relation to Google’s recommendations and compared to your competitors.

This analysis will allow us to draw up a kind of map of your site, to assess the reaction of the web crawlers to the elements present on your site and to determine the ergonomics of your site. We will also determine the notoriety of your site, i.e. its authority through an analysis of inbound links.

Identifying the right keywords

Keywords are essential for the SEO of a site, because they are in a way the perch to reach out to your prospects to make them come to your site. When they are well defined, it becomes easier to attract new customers.

Thus, obtaining qualified traffic necessarily involves an analysis of the reach of keywords related to your sector of activity. Our agency is in charge of identifying the most effective terms and expressions to improve your visibility. Our experts then take care of integrating them into your content and optimizing them according to Google’s recommendations.

SEO Strategy Design

Our agency thinks about the best strategy to put in place to improve the SEO of your site. We are used to taking a 3-point approach:

  • Implementation of on-site actions: they group together the SEO optimization techniques carried out on the pages of your website. These include optimizing each of your pages (defining a specific keyword for each page), designing a good internal link, and optimizing images;
  • Implementation of off-site actions: they group together the steps taken outside your site. It is an essential lever to improve the notoriety of your pages. They mainly consist of improving your link building, strengthening your social media presence and leveraging Google Business Profile;
  • Implementation of technical SEO actions: this will involve optimizing the technical parameters of SEO so that search engines can more easily crawl and index the pages of your site. Technical SEO is all about your site’s code and infrastructure. Thus, unlike on-site and off-site actions, technical SEO actions are invisible to Internet users. Example: identifying broken links, solving encoding problems, optimizing navigability, searching for duplicate content, optimizing crawlability, etc.

Optimization of all your content

Optimizing content means ensuring that your text can achieve very specific objectives: ranking in the first ranks of search engine results, transforming leads into customers, etc.

Optimizing a text for SEO involves finding the right approach to convince your targets and choosing the right keywords. It will also be necessary to find the semantically associated keywords, identify the right density of keywords, add visuals, place internal links, deal with a subject in depth in order to help Internet users, etc.

Getting Quality Links

How do you get a site to the top of the search results? Our answer to this question is: give more authority to your site through backlinks, also called backlinks or inbound links.

Backlinks are links within content pointing to another site. They are used to tell users the external location of a piece of information or a product, but also to transmit popularity from one site to another (in our case, to yours).

Thus, inserting a backlink in a piece of content is a way of recommending another piece of content, or a site. Google uses this recommendation to determine a page’s ranking in search results. However, baklinks from sites with a high reputation are those that can quickly influence the referencing of a site.

Our agency can get you links from institutional sites or very reputable blogs. Note, however, that no such site will recommend you if you are not serious.

A tailor-made approach adapted to your situation

The strength of our SEO agency is that we offer solutions adapted to any situation, i.e., to the characteristics of your site and your sector of activity. Our goal is and always will be to help you boost your company’s revenue in Louiseville.

With this in mind, in addition to carrying out SEO optimization operations, we carry out an analysis of your sector in order to understand the problems you must face to develop your business.