Our SEO agency in Longueuil has been helping companies increase their web marketing performance since 2014!

Longueuil is a major city in Quebec located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. With more than 254,000 inhabitants, it is the5th most populous city in Quebec, and its population continues to grow. In fact, from 2016 to 2021, the number of local populations increased by 6.1%. This attraction is not surprising given the economic attractiveness of the city, your web presence, and a competent SEO agency is important for the following reasons:

  • Longueuil is Quebec’s leading manufacturing region in terms of investment in the region;
  • The location of the city is a real “asset”. Indeed, because of its proximity to Montreal, many companies in need of skilled labour want to set up there. In addition, its proximity to the U.S. border favors the establishment of foreign multinationals;
  • High-level education is at the city’s doorstep: there are many teaching and research institutions in Longueuil, including the Université de Sherbrooke, the Université du Québec and the Centre universitaire de formation en environnement et développement durable;
  • Companies operating in the agglomeration can access specialized resources to advance their projects. Some of the R&D organizations on site include the Canadian Space Agency, the National Research Council of Canada and the Institute for Agri-Environmental Research and Development.

All these strengths make Longueuil a very interesting city to set up a business. But how do you go about gaining market share, standing out and acquiring more customers? Improve the referencing of your company’s website and set up web and SEO campaigns at the level of your competition.

A high-performance website: an effective development lever for your business in Longueuil

For a company, investing in a high-quality website is a real vector for development. This is mainly due to the fact that the rise of the internet has changed consumer behaviour. The following figures should be enough to convince you that it is imperative for a company to have a website:

  • A study by NordVPN highlights that Canadians spend more than 22 years, two months, and 12 days online in their lifetime;
  • In a typical week, Canadian internet users spend at least 49 hours surfing the web, which equates to more than 2 days a week, 104 days in a year;
  • A Canadian spends 2 hours 31 minutes per week shopping online;
  • More than 90% of customers search the web before purchasing a product.

Having a high-performance website is therefore a way to make your products and services accessible to almost the entire Canadian population 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Today, more than 95% of Canadians aged 15 and over use the Internet use the Internet.

Making your site efficient: the purpose of SEO

The question that arises is how to make a website efficient ? You just have to optimize it by applying SEO best practices. It is important to understand that a successful site is first and foremost a site ranked in the first ranks of search engine results.

What’s the point of having a site that loads quickly if no one can access it? What’s the point of a site with quality content if no one can find it by searching?

On the contrary, owning a website ranked in the first ranks of search results offers you many advantages :

  • The opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field and attract at least 55% more visitors;
  • The ability to sell to more than 31 million Canadians (ratio of the number of Canadians to the percentage of Canadians who made an online purchase in 2021).

Our SEO services to improve the performance and referencing of your site

Our SEO agency in Longueuil has the means and expertise to improve the SEO of your site, regardless of your sector. We offer several services for this purpose.

Unbiased and relevant SEO audit

Before carrying out SEO actions on a website, we carry out a complete SEO analysis that will allow us to determine:

  • The behavior of web browsers in response to signals sent by your site;
  • The ergonomics of your site, i.e. its usefulness, usability, quality of design, visual hierarchy, user experience, etc. ;
  • The number of sites approving your content (through an analysis of inbound links and brand awareness).

The goal is to have a clear understanding of your site’s situation and identify its strengths and weaknesses in terms of positioning, but also in relation to your competitors.

Keyword analysis and choice

Keyword work is the heart of developing an SEO strategy. Indeed, the analysis and choice of keywords have a very important impact on all the other SEO actions to be carried out, whether in terms of the choice of content or in terms of their promotions.

Our agency is here to help you find effective answers to the problems raised by the analysis and choice of keywords :

  • How many keywords to target?
  • What keywords are most relevant to your site?
  • How much content should you produce in order to rank well on the most important keywords in your sector?

We have experts who can optimize each keyword identified in order to increase organic traffic to your site tenfold.

Designing an SEO strategy tailored to the goals you set

To properly reference a site, you need to establish a precise action plan. To optimize the positioning of a client site, our team is used to working on the basis of a tripartite framework:

  • SEO actions carried out on the site: these gather actions aimed at improving the accessibility of your site and its conversion rate. These include, for example, the choice of URL structure, the improvement of overall semantics, the optimization of images or the revision of page titles;
  • Off-site SEO actions: these are mainly aimed at strengthening the notoriety of your site. They essentially consist of generating backlinks and implementing social media marketing campaigns;
  • Technical SEO actions: they include all actions related to the modification of the technical aspect of the site, including the choice of the domain, the optimization of robot.txt, the optimization of the structure of URLs, the improvement of the tree structure of the site, the addition of a breadcrumb trail, etc.

Content Optimization

Our agency’s experts are at your disposal to help you obtain quality content. Over the past decade, Google has greatly refined its ability to assess the quality and value of content. Today, Google uses a combination of site-crawling bots and human evaluators to determine where content ranks in search results.

We have copywriters who can write useful content for your targets and meet the SEO requirements imposed by Google. All your content can be tailored to your goals.

Acquiring links

To better position a site, it’s not enough to offer quality content, you also need to improve your site’s authority. The most effective way to do this is to get backlinks from sites that are very popular or have a lot of notoriety in a given industry.

Thanks to our network and our seriousness, we can very well get you backlinks from intentional sites or blogs followed by many Internet users. Backlinks of this type are the most effective for quickly improving a site’s SEO.