This is a critical hiring, because if SEO is important to your business, choosing the company or person to use will have a huge impact, probably one of the biggest impacts on achieving good results. There are a bunch of mistakes that people make when they make this selection of an SEO corporate path. Don’t make those mistakes

Error 1: Use Google as a unique filter!

Logic makes a lot of sense here if you think about it in a simplistic way. Agencies that are in high demand, those that do a good job and get good referrals, don’t really need to rank here. They are overwhelmed with customers all the time because their customers refer them to people and many people in their network refer people to them. They have a high customer retention. A lot of people are very satisfied. They make a lot of money and they are incredibly busy, so they don’t spend work optimizing their own website to get new customers.

Error 2: Trust the “Top SEO Montreal” lists

Many people will look for “best SEO” or “best SEO Montreal consultants” or “best SEO companies,” “best SEO companies in Montreal.” They will access a website like or There are a number of these types of websites that are essentially aggregators. Their business model is that they try and classify for terms like the previous ones, and then they sell these lists to SEO companies and companies.

It’s not great… This pay-to-play system is not trustworthy for you as a consumer of SEO companies. You would never trust someone who said, “Well, what’s the best restaurant in this area?” You will never go to a list where restaurants have to pay.

Error 3: Believing there is a “secret recipe”

The number three mistake is to believe sellers who talk about secret recipe. There are no secret sauces in the SEO. If you ask, “How do you refer?” And they say, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t tell you, it’s a secret or a property right,” that’s a very, very bad sign. No one has a secret proprietary process. SEO is a very, very open field. You should never accept that as an answer. It’s a red flag.

Reasons to find a SEO agency

We just want traffic, more traffic. What for? Well, because we want to.

terrible. Traffic is not a goal in itself. If you say, “Well, we want more traffic because we know that search traffic is turning well for us and here are the statistics on that,” very well. Now it’s an income logic.
Rankings alone, unfortunately, are a vanity that many people have simply because they want to rank for it. Usually a bad sign for SEO companies considering customers. You shouldn’t have that on your goal list. That is not a positive goal. Beat a particular competitor for specific keywords or phrases: again, not a great goal. Does not lead directly to income. Does not lead directly to organizational goals.

Avoid Vanity metrics. Some people will say frankly, “Hey, does anyone know a large SEO company that can help us increase our domain authority or increase our Majestic confidence or, worse, our Google PageRank? Google abandoned PageRank years ago. Healthy business objectives can only be derived from sound thinking based on data, such as PPC, or to assign conversion and sales rates to these metrics.


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