Performance and speed of the site

Among 10 Google priorities , speed and performance sites are a key element. Search engines tend to favor sites that respond quickly to the user. In other words, Is that your site provides timely information that a prospective research ?

Whatever the technology or CMS that supports your website, simple and effective optimizations can be implemented quickly, to accelerate the performance of your website to the user and Google.

Why work performance of your website?

Of all the web sites on Google, many people have lower performance. With a weak performance, it will be very complex and difficult to please the search engines and users, and get good results on search engines. For example, near 40% Internet users leave a website if it puts more 3 seconds to load. The speed of the site is an essential requirement for good performance in Google's eyes.

To put the odds on your side, you have to work the performance of your website before you put time and energy into your organic SEO and strategy. If your website remains weak, you will not get the desired results. On the contrary, with a powerful website, you promote your chances of achieving better positions on search engines. For it, BlackCatSEO apply effective optimizations to improve the performance of your website including :

  • Corrections in the code
  • Optimizations cache
  • Corrections in the CSS
  • Corrections in JavaScripts

Check out some of the improvements that we apply :


Sometimes, simple coding errors slow down your site's performance, in addition to penalize. We specialize in finding and correcting common problems in developing your site, as :


  • HTML Errors / Php / etc
  • Canonicalization errors
  • Pagination for the crawler
  • Server errors
  • Duplicate content and similar

Excellent knowledge of current CMS and web technologies allows us to identify the most important fixes, and correct a minimum of development time. Using several unique software, we establish a map of problems with multiple paths to achieve the results that you set for yourself.

In some cases, correction 'on the spot' common errors is a good option : it allows a rapid improvement, and lower costs, organic intermediate outcomes. Sometimes, a complete change of CMS is recommended in order to optimize the ranking on the long-term, without further constraints. Our proposals are clear, and the choices are yours !

Cache Optimization

Several elements of your website can be stored so that subsequent visits your customers are faster. . Most Web pages include resources that rarely change, such as CSS files, image files, javascript files .... These resources take time to be downloaded, while the HTTP cache allows these resources to be saved - or 'cache' - by a browser or proxy. Once the resource is 'cache', the browser can refer to the local resource copied rather than having to download it again. Gradually eliminating these http requests, it is possible to greatly reduce the average load time of your web page.



The various elements of style (CSS), for example, can benefit cuts, Grouping, or outsourcing, you work on WordPress , Joomla or any other CMS. Correcting certain practices, as the use of CSS @import, performance scores increased significantly, and can be traced back in the rankings. Google recommends a maximum of three style sheets. Some sites may accumulate dozens of CSS files it is possible to group, and outsource to reduce the loading time of the site.


It is common to find JavaScripts directly injected into the source code of your site, or whose order is not optimal. Also, several javascript files are separate when they could be grouped and outsourced to further reduce the loading time of your page. An optimal partition allows aggregating many files into a, or some, and reduce by three the loading time of your site.

Our priority is to provide you an effective technical basis, capable of supporting a well-defined content, increased crawls and visits, and any subsequent strategic improvement.

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