Why creating backlinks is important in organic SEO strategy?

The amount and quality of backlinks (off-site SEO) an important criterion considered by the search engines to analyze your website and to affect search results. The more your website is made up of quality links in line with the main keywords of your business, your company will have more chances to stand out in the best positions on search engines.

More, Returns the link building helps :

  • Reinforce positive signals to the search engines such as Google, Bing et Yahoo
  • Increase the authority's website
  • Increasing organic traffic from a company with a higher natural traffic and qualified

How to create quality links?

BlackCatSEO creates quality links pointing to your website, that will never be penalized by Google, Bing or Yahoo and designed to increase your organic traffic with an increase in the authority of your domain. For it, we mainly use the following platforms :

  • Specialized and local directories
  • The blogs in your industry
  • Articles-guests (guest blogging)
  • Web Media

Link Building

Building links (backlinks) is one of the most mysterious aspects of SEO and misunderstood. Algorithms have evolved and filters such as penalty Penguin now is based on hundreds of signals, but the quantity and quality of links returned is always a key aspect signals rankings, and play a major role in the assignment of authority to any website.

Best Practices :

Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google and expect your business that you produce content that is shared and link natural and organic way. Major awareness campaigns about the dangers of technical outdoor handling rankings' (usually of known gray / black hat’) were launched by Google. It is always possible to artificially create linkages for the rankings of a group keyword in particular, but these should avoid 'pattern', such as the place of origin of the link, text posted, l’ancrage, frequency ...


Keep control over your building backlinks, real-time

Thus, campaigns 'link-building' have become more rigorous studies of your market opportunities and feasible qualitative partnership - as well as strategies for building a reputation goshawks external blogs to transfer their power to the target site.

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