GooglebotTechnical optimization and accessibility of the crawler

Many websites have been developed for the end customer and not for search engines, resulting in a large amount of errors in indexing pages. Sometimes simply forgetting an exclusion in the robots.txt file can lead to a lot of errors that end up penalizing your site in search results.

  • Robots.txt: We make ‘entry points’ for you for robots that visit your website, in order to offer them a clear and precise path to your content, and a ban on indexing, for example, your administration, ‘marketing’ files or other documents that do not serve your business. The robots.txt file is used to restrict access to robot crawls, which always start by checking this file before visiting your site.
  • Sitemap: Are multiple URLs important? others are less of a priority, but still deserve to be indexed in Google? We analyze your content and submit the most relevant to Google based on priorities that we all assign together. In the form of XML files listing all the important URLs on your site, useful information can be added, such as the last change (depending on the server’s response), or the ‘priority’ of one page over the others.
  • Webmaster tools: Real dashboards showing the performance of your site on the ocean of search engines, ‘webmaster tools’ have become indispensable tools for optimization. We create these accounts for you, and set them up.

Offer the best User and CrawlerS Pathways to your site

manually depending on your market and the technical specifics of your site. It is possible, for example, to take control over the settings to be excluded in URLs, in order to combat duplicate disendo content for example. Also it is possible to better geo-locate your site, redirect it to another domain, see suggestions regarding your code, and above all to follow errors related to crawls in order to be always in control of the referencing of your site Internet.

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We optimize code, performance, and content for the robot and the user.

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Paid campaigns are optimized on your site to keep traffic from running out.

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