Backlinks maintenance

Because they happen to be penalized under the pretext of ‘manipulation of search engines’, we should always keep in mind some qualitative guidelines, before creating any return links:

  • Don’t build more links than the number of unique visits per day
  • Don’t exceed 20 similarity for each content posted
  • Never pinger twice
  • Diversify anchors
  • Don’t post in private networks
  • Update lists regularly
  • Build a second and third ‘layer’ of links to favour natural indexing.

Peace and Security: We provide you with the tools to keep control of your backlinks generation.

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Automation, security, and link maintenance wherever you are



In other words, we use automation to save time without ever compromising the quality of information and its true social potential.

Hierarchical Induction page-rank

One of the biggest concerns for traditional backlinking strategies was getting direct backlinks to the main page or site. It is no longer effective. The latest Penguin and Panda updates on site quality were related to the trust placed in these backlinks. As a result, the external signals in the algorithm have changed slightly to rule out the importance of a given link in its own backlinks.
The need to build different layers is directly caused by these changes – as explained here





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