Certifications Paid Advertisements and Ad Words

Our expertise in traffic acquisition and search engine optimization is recognized by the major search engines, Google a Bing, accrediting BlackCatSEO as accredited professional partner. These professional certifications demonstrate a mastery of the tools offered by the search engines and skills in the management of advertising campaigns.

Our certifications for paying disciplines of traffic acquisition Ad Words are guarantors of the quality of our work.



These accreditations were issued after several tests the skills of our specialists, who can prove expertise in paid search strategy as well as historical performance recorded. Text Ads, banners, videos ... we are here to guide you, whatever format broadcast ! Of your conception web, to natural reference and paying, we support you.

Our process

Les stratèges PPC de BlackCatSEO sont Google Partner Certified et ont chacun construit et optimisé des centaines de campagnes. Votre responsable de compte dédié travaillera en étroite collaboration avec vous pour comprendre les produits, services and your business goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Research and Strategy

Once our PPC strategists have determined key performance indicators (KPI) in the countryside, we will develop a strategy to achieve this based on the budget. Our PPC strategists perform:

  • Analyse des concurrents – We analyze what works for your competitors. This gives us a starting point for your campaign. We do not intend to always reinvent the wheel, but to optimize it.
  • Keyword Research – Using internal and external tools, we can create a list of keywords with the best chance of success.
  • Development of negative keywords – This can be extremely important, because the campaigns often begin by matching sentences. keywords such as jobs, history, wiki, DIY must often be used as keywords to also qualify the people you run.
  • Research sites – Instead of turning on the display network or sweeping with Facebook ads, we consider the demographics of respondents are most likely to convert. The locations can be managed by selecting particular sites correlate with your product or service. Demographic data can be managed by selecting sex, age, places, etc..
  • Construction / reconstruction campaigns

Depending on the state of the campaign, our strategists PPC will determine whether it is necessary or not to rebuild your current campaign. The CTR (CTR) Historical affecting quality levels and thus determining the CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition), it is often best to start from scratch if the campaign has had a bad history.

When creating campaigns, our PPC strategists develop:

  • Keywords: we relate on search queries to determine how users find and click on your ads. We also analyze the poorly performing keywords. This also helps to refine the list of initial keywords.
  • Ad groups: create / refine your ad groups to keep the themes closely to ensure that human rights are triggered ads for searches.
  • Copy ads – Our PPC strategists all have a writing experience online. The ads are written to ensure the best chance of success.
  • Targeting – At the beginning, our experienced PPC strategists make decisions about the release dates for ads, geographical regions, investments and demographics.
  • Conversion Tracking – We set / specify the monitoring of the campaign to ensure that future decisions are based on PCA reduction and increased ROI.
  • Notifications – We set up personalized alerts to ensure that we are aware of problems as they occur.
    Monitoring and optimization

Once built country, she goes online. It is at this point that we can begin to collect data on the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. This data is then used to optimize the campaign to improve performance. Our strategists optimize PPC:

  • Keywords – We generate constantly on the search queries reports, This allows us to continue to create and refine the keywords we publish.
  • Advertising copy: we divide the advertising copy test. Running multiple ads, we can constantly improve the CTR Our Ads.
  • Targeting – The data we collect from the campaign and monitoring allow us to make explicit decisions about when, the place and the recipient advertisements.

Tests and experiments

As part of the ongoing optimization of the account, we will test and test segments of the campaign to determine the best possible parameters and components. Our PPC strategists will conduct tests and experiments via:

  • Test copy of an advertisement in several times – We will try different copies and USP different outlets to continually improve campaign performance.
  • Targeting tests – Taking small segments campaigns and test other demographics, calendars and possible locations allows us to improve campaign performance without taking risky decisions.
  • Experimentation with offers – We will experiment with segments of the campaign by testing the changes to the CPA and ROI based on adjustments to tenders.
  • positioning Experimentation: test and monitor new positioning opportunities, continually increase the potential of your advertising campaigns. While ensuring only take small risks and calculated.
  • The partners remain & lsquo; up-to-Date’ with the latest Google tools and the latest products
  • Partners spend a certification administered by Google each year
  • ‘Proven success’ is the basis of Google certified partner training
  • Ad Words Certified partners work directly with Google for any product or training udpate
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