On-site SEO

BlackcatSEO offers various services depending on your goal, and the current state of your site. The art of referencing today affecting all aspects of the site, we can support:

  • Fixing your code
  • The definition of your content
  • The geo-location of the site
  • Producing your content
  • performance optimization
  • The Web-Marketing Strategy

Depending on your team, budget and capabilities, we work with you on a regular basis in three ways:

  1. We take care, as soon as your website is developed, the organization of your content, the definition of your content (metas-datas and URL structures), the performance of your site.
  2. We provide you with very clear recommendations (both technically and for the reasons for these changes) all the important points to consider for your site, in your market.
  3. We intervene after the launch of your website, in which case we provide you, in the form of very clear and detailed recommendations, the necessary corrections for an effective long-term strategy.


Whatever formula best suits your project, we make sure to communicate perfectly with the team of developers – or those we use, in order to put a place a structure that is efficient and favorable to a good referencing on search engines.

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