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In order to take the maximum precautions regarding the creation of backlinks, we carry out a careful study of the landscape of the links of your best competitors. In this way, you are sure to ‘join’ this company on search engine results (rather than simply building irrelevant Backlinks).

We take care of this process completely, and we send you a weekly report of the returns links created. Of course, we aim for the quality and duration of these links over time, their ‘viral’ potential, rather than their quantity. Proven results with this semi-manual method easily pass the latest PENGUIN and PANDApenalization filters.

In order to generate an external activity stream, and pointing to your site, as natural as possible, we spread the creation of links across all publishing segments on the web.


On the other hand, we customize quality content, in order to systematically benefit from the strength of a single return link to 100. If the content is good, the content-spinning Manual is good. But what is the content spinning Manual?

This is the process done by hand, allowing to multiply a text, without being penalized by the dupplicated Content.

In some cases, however, the content is deliberately duplicated between domains in order to manipulate the site’s ranking by search engines or increase traffic. This type of deceptive practice can have negative effects on the user’s browsing experience, which sees almost the same content repeated in a set of search results.

Promoting a website on search results is done by attributing credibility through many feedback links. The production of hundreds of different texts is virtually unworkable for small and medium-sized enterprises, the Content Spinning Manual allows, for a minimum time, to create variations of an original text, while retaining the meaning of the text original.

– From the sentence: This is an example of a sentence, commenting on what content spinning is

– We generate syntax: This is anexample. abbreviated Preview prototype sentence Formula “Speech” commenting onthe commentant saying describing‘demonstrating’ what content spinning is

– And so can produce the following unique variations:

  1. This is a prototype sentence, commenting on what content spinning is
  2. This is a sentence preview, saying what content spinning is
  3. This is a sentence preview, saying what content spinning is
  4. This is a formula preview, commenting on what content spinning is
  5. This is an abbreviation of speech, explaining what content spinning is
  6. This is an example of a formula, explaining what content spinning is

The semi-automated software we use for generating return links takes these syntaxes into consideration in order to generate absolutely unique backlinks. Each of your content and writing efforts is optimized to the maximum, and you are certain that each blog creates, and each article or Press Release posted transfer the maximum credibility

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