Reporting, SEO report and tracking

The tracking is a fundamental part of your SEO strategy, otherwise – you do not know why you are investing in..

It is necessary for you to obtain reliable metric, and the tools to quickly analyze, at a glance.

Given the extent of the implications of an SEO strategy on every aspect of your site and your SEO, We provide reports and Dashboards, Accessible wherever you are, to control :

  • Your Organic Traffic
  • Your unbound organic traffic to your brand name (strategy 'long-tail’
  • Your generation of backlinks
  • Changes in your rankings for each keyword
  • Your performance profile
  • Your profile indexing


This will make it easy to see the impact of each campaign that we put in place and to see the relevance. You retain maximum control over internal implications, traffic, and external signals, any time.

The SEO web is not a one-time activity. It is not "set and forget". You will need several months to achieve your goals, which often require to adjust our courses as and. And even when we have achieved your goals, There is still a lot to do. The last thing you want is to return to your original position. Whatever SEO package you choose, you get continuous, comprehensive care. We closely monitor your progress and research environment to ensure that everything goes as planned. This includes the establishment of a friendly marketing, creating links, assessment and risk monitoring, establishing detailed monthly reports and training team. Sometimes, we also discover something new in your market or Google changes its search algorithm. These changes are opportunities, no disadvantages. We will recognize them quickly and act immediately.

Reporting et communication

We provide our clients with customized reports, detailed and transparent. Although we have an official monthly report that will be sent followed by a call, we can also provide more details throughout the month and we constantly provide data to discover the forces, weaknesses and opportunities of your account. We will share this report with you to determine the continuing strategy to optimize your advertising accounts.
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We are building a site based on your criteria, and benefiting from best practices.

We optimize the code, performance, and content for both the robot and user .

We emphasize strong authority Backlinks for SEO results.

4. PPC

Paid campaigns are optimized on your site to not lose any traffic.

Increased number of links équivant to increased qualified traffic and sales.

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