Methodology and SEO optimization process

Our process

The key strategic path to optimum performance of your website on search engines, start by understanding your business and your goals.

We believe it is important to adopt a personalized approach to each of our clients and discuss with you the best solution for your needs. Whether you're after a detailed marketing strategy online, a technical audit, a campaign to strengthen the authority, consultation or even if you just have a question for us, we are happy to help find a solution for your business.

SEO process

In most cases, an effective SEO solution begins with a detailed strategy. It is to understand what you are doing, to think creatively and realistic solution to achieve your goals. Have a sound analytical understanding of your online presence is established by looking at your choices keywords, the technical aspects of your site, content strategy and a number of external factors, including social media.

We know there is great potential to increase traffic to a website, safe, as well as rankings and user participation in a unified digital strategy, as part of a long-term solution.


These strategies often include, (but are not limited) to the following –


  • Phrase search
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Targeting
  • Project schedule


  • URL rewrite
  • Setting navigation and canonicalization
  • Fixes performance
  • Content analysis
  • Configurations des Google Webmaster Tools

Revue hors site:

  • Define workable partnerships
  • Evaluation of Partnerships
  • Analysis broken links
  • Potential consolidation

Continuing Care

  • Implementation of marketing policies SEO-friendly
  • Campaign to strengthen the authority
  • Content Strategy
  • Evaluation and Risk Oversight
  • Team training

Campaign costs

Every business is different and there are varying degrees of competition within each industry. That's why our solutions have a model of evolutionary rates. The price is derived directly from the draft strategy that includes researching keywords and competitive analysis, and is expressed in the amount of resources and labor necessary to achieve and maintain the best results for your business.

Chez BlackcatSEO, we want to help your company gain excellent results in search engines, and we always guarantee a transparent and realistic solution to long term that happen.

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