I meet many people who believe that SEO operations lose its value, but I find that do this basic work (simple but challenging) still works incredibly well.

In the post d & rsquo; aujourd & rsquo; hui, I will share a case study of d & rsquo; a travel site whose plan & rsquo; business incorporates a simple approach to create a highly skilled content on their site and then promote that content effectively. They believe in building relevant content and content marketing by putting the & rsquo; focus on & rsquo; end user, and as you will see, the results are impressive.

KimKim is an online travel company founded by a team & rsquo; d & rsquo entrepreneurs, experienced engineers who have played key roles in companies such as TripAdvisor and EveryTrail. Their mission is to push the & rsquo; travel industry towards a more authentic and local experience while maintaining high quality and consumer confidence. This is done in partnership with local travel guides, that create useful information and information to provide a unique personalized travel experience for their customers. These trips often take users off the beaten track, to places your travel agent could not think of sending you.

This approach certainly does not provide global coverage, but it allows the & rsquo; business to focus on the provision of & rsquo; a top quality content for each site to which it s & rsquo; address. My belief is that this philosophy is a great engine in the context of this success story. SEO, you better be good at some points rather than mediocre on many.

SEO plan and its execution

L & rsquo; site architecture is designed to allow the contents to start small, then evolve over time. Gradually, as new countries are added to the site, must d & rsquo; first identify local experts who live "in the land" and get them to create content for this country. This allows each new country section to quickly develop a full portfolio of content with an insightful local perspective.

Once their operational site, a comprehensive site audit was carried out, including the & rsquo; & rsquo use d & rsquo tools analysis, and the & rsquo; exploration and & rsquo; analysis of Google Analytics data and Google Search Console. These checks are repeated regularly to s & rsquo; ensure that the site remains easy to explore and analyze by the search engines so that problems do not begin to appear on the site and proliferate.



D & rsquo; a promotional point of view, Local experts also help to develop site visibility in the country, This often helps to attract many local links to the section of the site. An important part of SEO plan was to develop and implement a comprehensive content plan for each country, taking advantage of local guides and ensuring that & rsquo; a wide range of content is created.

This diversity management task content creators, many of which the & rsquo; n & rsquo English, is not the mother tongue, n & rsquo; has not been easy. However, it was worth it because it was essential to create a strong content portfolio for each country.

Outreach activities were then conducted at & rsquo; local, in the field, on sites to let them know that & rsquo; Kimkim offered from the perspective of the service and content. Many & rsquo; them have chosen to create a link to the contents, This has contributed to give visibility to the service. local guides were d & rsquo; a great help in the overall process.

D & rsquo; other outreach activities were conducted in local hotels and many sites were also mentioned in the content to s & rsquo; ensure that all information was accurate and up to date. This awareness has given a high profile in local markets has also led to many links to relevant national sections of the site.

KimKim has seen steady growth in organic traffic since the launch of its website. The site now ranks among the top five results for many terms of value, such as "Nepal travel expert" and "Manaslu trek". They achieved incredible growth in traffic.

At & rsquo; now, traffic continues to grow steadily, with large occasional bump, as you see in January 2018. January is a month that typically offers a seasonal uplift, but when you compare January 2018 January 2017, you see a fairly significant difference.

This simply shows that & rsquo; blocking approach d & rsquo; addressing basic SEO works. Simply & rsquo; offer a superior user experience in an architecture of sound website, then promote that content effectively.