SEO techniques are the tools of choice to be able to properly position a site on search engines, and thus to increase their visibility; the ultimate goal is to reach and then retain prospects by turning them into customers. Making the most of quality traffic is, in other words, the goal of the user experience that is now called the UX. It appears, therefore, that the SEO and the UX, which are originally two very different web marketing levers or tools, converge towards the same goal and prove complementary. Any comprehensive web strategy must therefore take into account this synergy or union between the SEO and the UX called SXO.

How to set the SXO

Search eXperience Optimization or SXO refers as a whole to techniques that aim to optimize a user’s experience or journey on a given site, taking into account both the steps that lead that user to visit a site as well as the elements that will allow him to find satisfaction for his need. The SXO places the user and site performance at the center of all actions.

The scope of the SXO

All SMEs are affected by the SXO. For companies offering services or products defined on their site as well as for companies wishing to convey useful information or meet any need, and regardless of the size of the company concerned, having a site with good visibility is not an end in itself. The goal remains to achieve a high conversion rate, that is to say to achieve that a maximum of visits result in sales, subscriptions, or purchases: it is to generate revenue. The SXO ultimately refers to the bulk of the elements included in the search for traffic, in the structure and content of the site, and which are oriented towards the conversion of traffic.

It’s important to note that Search eXperience Optimization is not limited to maximizing your website’s loading speed, or offering a clear menu to make it easier for users to browse your pages. As noted above, the UX includes, every step, from the moment the user launches his query on a search engine.

Implementation of the SXO: the 2 main areas of action

The development of an effective SXO depends on taking into account specific criteria, from the company’s industry to the clear definition of its target, as well as ways to optimize its showcase on the web. Our SEO business in Montreal, Quebec helps you develop a comprehensive and consistent strategy that takes into account all the ranking factors on search engines, in order to generate traffic and then facilitate the conversion of your traffic to generate revenue.

Consider the intent to request content

The query intent refers to the clear reason why a user searches a motor. There are three types of request intent:

  • It is calleda navigational intention when the search for the user is motivated by the desire to access a site on which to browse.
  • Transactionalintent refers to the willingness of the Internet user to buy, register or subscribe to an offer (he wishes to carry out a transaction).
  • Informational intent is referred to as informational research.

A search that specifies, for example, “electrician troubleshooting in Montreal” suggests that the Internet user needs the services of this professional: this is a transactional query. For a good SXO, it is crucial to analyze all keywords that may be used by the user, and to clearly identify the query intent that these words imply. It will then be necessary to organize the site as a whole and in its structure (with titles, subtitles and content), to ensure that it responds precisely and with a minimum of clicks to the intention and need of the user.

Create a good site architecture and ensure optimal display on all screens

Apart from rigorous work to best associate the right keywords with users’ search intentions, several points contribute to the success of the SXO. It is thus necessary to:

  • number subtitles related to the same topic or need, for example;
  • Create logical and clear structures
  • Make sure to adapt the display to all screen sizes for different devices (especially with good ergonomics for mobiles).

These are all ways to ensure that the user quickly finds what he is looking for. An architecture optimized for a site actually stands out from the results displayed on the engines in the SERP, and helps to make the user’s journey enjoyable.

Our seO technology company guarantees its customers first-rate support to enhance the user experience and lead to massive conversions.

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