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Building links (link building) is a discipline to create inbound links to get higher rankings. Ranking algorithms are now composed of thousands of signals, backlinks but are always a key element in evaluating the quality of a page.

Precautions on Link Building:

Google and the major search engines have embarked on a crusade against any attempt to manipulate rankings. All filters penalty established have disturbed many online businesses for several years, helping to create a sense of panic and confusion regarding the relevance of backlinks throughout THIS Stratégie.

Links returns are always a major part of the strategy assignment of a site's credibility, pour Google. Indeed, for the search engine, the number and strength of links pointing to a target indicates serious confidence. However, because of the multitude of backlinks acquisition techniques that have been developed in recent years, search engines have penalized the directories networks, networks or blogs submission PREMIUM Articles. Increasingly, privileged links are 'natural', to gradually build the authority of a domain and deeper pages. Any building backlinks and follows the recommandations SEO de Google inasmuch as :

  • The deployment of links does not happen on a single, identifiable segment
  • The link provides a wealth of useful information for the user
  • A social activity around these links indicating their truthfulness
  • Performance indicators links themselves contribute to those your site

How we help ?

We treat each market separately, and manually analyze the possible partnership opportunities in your niche to build contextual links.

Our unique tools target the better sites to provide useful content. Generally, we work this content together to develop and adapt the knowledge potentially viral. Using a unique technology allows us to simulate a natural activity around these contents : creation and sharing blogs, creation and sharing articles, local references, bookmarks, RSS, reviews and much more.

The origin of these links is controllable geographically to fit each market. The publication of these links is delayed in time to avoid detection and 'pattern'.

Finally, us unique tools check, validate and regularly monitor the quality of these links. A campaign is never isolated and, and a link is always shared by real people in order to certify the authenticity.

We support :

  • Thematic directories :

Construction, property or agency, there are thematic directories depending on your industry. Directories holding a high Page Rank will have a powerful impact for your website.

  • Local directories :

To improve your local SEO, local directories allow your company to stand out on search engines based on its location.

  • Platforms items:

Creating a single article content incorporating the keywords of your business generates a better organic traffic to your website.

  • Services de Bookmark :

The presence of a link on bookmarks sites helps increase natural traffic to your website when your link is not considered as malicious.

  • Web 2.0 :

The Web 2.0 full of opportunities to create quality links for your business, whether by interaction between users or presence on social media.

  • Blogs :

Publish an article containing relevant keywords and link to your website on a blog strong influence can only increase the Page Rank of your business.

  • Blog comments :

Actively participate by posting comments on blogs related to your field of activity contributes to your online visibility.

  • RSS submission :

By integrating an RSS feed, you share information and quality links to your business.

  • Video Promotion :

Develop a video about your company and its services shows the interactivity of your business, while building quality links on social platforms.

  • Expression engines & forums :

Publish articles and participate in forums related to your business is a great way to generate more traffic to your website.

  • Site de Press Release :

Write a press release to promote your business on online platforms allows you to enjoy excellent backlinks.

  • Micro blogs :

With writing small blog articles that will be published online, you build quality links for your website.

Only partnerships, thematic directories and blog comments and forums go through a manual process exclusively. All other segments of backlinks should be treated with priority, in order to enjoy every step of the creation process (create the article, bookmarker l’article, partage social du bookmark, mention web 2.0 Social sharing, etc ...)

Backlink-Diversity-300x265Thematic directories : Due criteria penalty with keys directories, it is important to manually select them according to contextual proximity, and Page Rank Site. We then use a software semi-automatic submission to recoup maximum time dedicated to this part of your strategy.

Unique texts : To maintain the strength of a backlink from an article 100% unique, we change the form of the text according to different synonyms, while maintaining the initial message of interest. This process is semi-automatic.

Submitting articles:

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