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If you have a business in Montreal, who storefront, and want to attract more visitors, you need to have a strong presence on Google. BlackCat SEO offers a privileged position on search engines and local web. You will be present on the cards offered by google, with a signal convergence , and fans, to your business, shop or store.

referencement-commerce apple-mtl

GPS, globes terrestres, and travel accessories

Apple Repair Montreal

Market :

  • Competitive and cyclical during the & rsquo; year, depending on the products offered.
  • Volume data relate to the main keywords of our clients
  • Very competitive keywords


Work completed :

  • Adding extended menus (collapsable)
  • Adding pages deep for the long tail
  • External SEO Campaign
  • Optimizations UX
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Geolocation Site

Rankings :

First place five months after work on 'repair apple Montreal’


Front page 6 months after the works for “GPS Montreal” and all other targeted keywords


Traffic :

Since the early work 2014, date we have started work on the site and off-Site, a change in the amount of traffic s & rsquo; was felt, upon arrival the front page of important keywords and high conversion.


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