Planiprêt – Fabrice Mesnagé Team

Fabrice Mesnage, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Dijon (France). His international career has led him to study at the University of Texas A&M (USA) and Cardiff University (GB).

Its team includes 15 contributors (trices), the majority of which are mortgage brokers accredited under the mortgage agency Planiprêt. Its objective is to offer a global service to the need for mortgage but also financial security (life insurance, disability insurance and investments), for this reason, it is associated with another company ; Heritage 360, a financial services firm, perfect complement to existing services.

Its offices in Brossard La Prairie and realize a volume of financing 165 millions. Fabrizio and his staff are records in records with continued growth in 2 statistics…

Note that there 15 years, Fabrice settled in Quebec, so it is able to provide valuable advice and share many resources for newcomers