Eonia Networks

Faced with the constant evolution of IT and the emergence of new IT solutions, it is necessary to be accompanied and helped by a proactive company. eONIA follows industry developments to provide emerging solutions that can transform the IT field. Solutions

A true IT partner, eONIA Networks helps and supports companies in achieving their business objectives through IT solutions that are relevant and tailored to the needs of the business.

  • Moving infrastructure/data center
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Network and security hardware upgrades
  • Network switching/routing upgrade
  • Wireless Wi-Fi deployments
  • Cellular technology upgrades
  • Upgrade and implementation of the package switch
  • Implement and deploy firewall and security solutions
  • Extended network accelerators and implementation of the extended SD network

Virtual CIO services

  • Understanding the organization
  • Identifying IT needs
  • Creating a strategic roadmap
  • Acquisition and deployment of solutions
  • Solution management
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