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We help restaurateurs, caterers, and other service, catering or food professionals in Montreal or France. We specialize in organic, natural and effective referencing techniques that guarantee qualified and increased visibility. We begin the work with a general correction of the code and the content definition of the sites concerned. Then we establish local anchors, and fans, in your locality to increase your local presence. Finally, we do multiple backlink campaigns so that restaurateurs and caterers benefit from the best clientele, in Montreal, or elsewhere.


The gourmet pan


Catering click


  • Very erratic depending on the months and times of the year
  • Volume data relates to our customers’ key words
  • Local competition sharing the search volume of these keywordsTrends

Work done:

  • Full site optimization
  • Category review
  • Added deep pages for long-tail
  • External SEO campaign
  • UX optimizations
  • Performance optimizations
  • Geolocation of the site


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Coming up!


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We build a site according to your criteria, and benefit from best practices.

We optimize code, performance, and content for the robot and the user.

We emphasize Backlinks has strong authority for organic referencing.

4. PPC

Paid campaigns are optimized on your site to keep traffic from running out.

Increase in the number of links emanating from an increase in skilled traffic and sales.

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