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That & rsquo; is it that & rsquo; E-reputation ?

The first for researchers d & rsquo; information of all kinds is the Google search function. C & rsquo; is also the primary source of & rsquo; information for anyone seeking information about you.

With the & rsquo; exponential increase of & rsquo; use of & rsquo; internet to every aspect of our lives, confidentiality and control of our personal information has become a priority.

Companies and individuals can now share, send and receive information in record time. Personal information may, however, be indexed on search engines like Google, Bing ou Yahoo, despite our desire not to see the post.

Whether by precaution and professionalism, or will to protect themselves from unscrupulous third, each d & rsquo; us is concerned with the & rsquo; E-reputation aujourd & rsquo; hui.



Why manage your online reputation ?

Many people want to easily find information about d & rsquo; others. Employers, researchers d & rsquo; jobs, owners wishing to rent real estate, competitors and competitors : pro-activity and control d & rsquo; consistent information has become a necessity so that & rsquo; security face current cybersecurity threats, theft & rsquo; competitive identity or smear.

How do we help your e-reputation ?

BlackCat SEO, Specialist natural and organic SEO, specializes in optimization for search engines and has, thereby, of specific technical. We offer a full range of services to free n & rsquo; any entity named d & rsquo; an image, comments or other negative aspect, false or illegal.

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  • Watch and alert on the results of the name
  • Optimizing and securing financial statements
  • Removing unwanted results
  • Removal of false results
  • Recovery / deleting accounts stolen
  • Recovery of adverse outcomes
  • Recovery of unwanted comments


Our range of services is extensive, and our effective methods. Contact us for a custom quote for your need reputation management online.

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