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penguin-2-updates-googleBuilding links (backlinks) is one of the most mysterious aspects of SEO and misunderstood. Algorithms have evolved and filters such as penalty Penguin now is based on hundreds of signals, but the quantity and quality of links returned is always a key aspect signals rankings, and play a major role in the assignment of authority to any website.

Best Practices :

Search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google and expect your business that you produce content that is shared and link natural and organic way. Major awareness campaigns about the dangers of technical outdoor handling rankings' (usually of known gray / black hat’) were launched by Google. It is always possible to artificially create linkages for the rankings of a group keyword in particular, but these should avoid 'pattern', such as the place of origin of the link, text posted, l’ancrage, frequency ...



Keep control over your building backlinks, real-time


Thus, campaigns 'link-building' have become more rigorous studies of your market opportunities and feasible qualitative partnership - as well as strategies for building a reputation goshawks external blogs to transfer their power to the target site.


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