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Strictly speaking, E-commerce market since 10 years hardly know the crisis. Record and stable growth rates in double figures, and more and more players to share a portion of traffic and always reduced market. The strong attraction facing Web economy in general has greatly expanded over several years, pushing more entrepreneurs, and businesses, to actively seek the most effective ways to acquire qualified traffic.

The structuring of the market Ecommerce has been reinforced with famous giant : Amazon, Ebay, Cdiscount, and so on – , from the equipment Market to the distribution market . Many small’ and medium traders, Merchants observe the same issue arise : how to get the most from a niche sector ?

Many nestled markets remain accessible for many actors, more or less large. The condition for achieving this lies in & rsquo; effectiveness of different levers to enable them to increase their visibility and d & rsquo; thus acquire traffic.


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SEO is the preferred way – (and most qualitative ) – to generate solid results over the long-term. SEO, or search engine optimization, allow business who uses it to improve both the support that showcases its products or services, but also the quality of the path that leads to a sale. . In other words, SEO allows you to be present and relevant here or visitors looking for you. Several technical optimization steps allow you to generate this kind of traffic, involving both internal technical optimizations, that creating authority through external linking.

All these SEO techniques, associated with a generation of relevant content, allows all BlackCat SEO clients to benefit an acquisition of natural and free traffic, and always be present at the top of Google search results.



Campagnes Pay-per-Click (PPC) – AdWords

The term most qualified on the type of SEO is paying ‘Search Engine Advertising‘ or SEA, and will be positioned to complement d & rsquo; other forms of less expensive SEO in the long-term, for generic keywords.

Many e-commerce sites that work in parallel design, l & rsquo; optimization, content, and social networks, n & rsquo; not always have time to focus on building backlinks, or backlinks, that can propel the site on search engines. Such practices, resource intensive and time, may be supplemented by paid search campaigns, which aims to display an advertisement at the top of Google search results, Bing ou Yahoo.

This immediate and fast as traffic allows you to test your campaigns, auction, pages de destination, products and services, as well as making the first sales.


Social Networks – Social media

The term most commonly used to refer to the work of developing a communication and articulation of a corporate message within a social community, SMO – or social media optimization.

The social community, so well developed, is a very effective way to drive traffic and sales in niche markets, same with a small community. We allow you d & rsquo; optimize your accounts, pages and social profiles, to attract customers and the most qualified traffic, to your site, from your shared content. Our services allow you to create your social profiles in perfect harmony with your SEO strategy. We set up the editorial calendar for posts, and any social strategy related to SEO your site, and we'll look different target fans of a set of natural and paid technical.

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