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Our expertise in traffic acquisition and search engine optimization is recognized by the major search engines, Google a Bing, accrediting BlackCatSEO as accredited professional partner. These professional certifications demonstrate a mastery of the tools offered by the search engines and skills in the management of advertising campaigns.

Certifications for pay d & rsquo disciplines traffic acquisition Ad Words are responsible for the quality of our work.









These accreditations were issued after several tests the skills of our specialists, who can prove expertise in paid search strategy as well as historical performance recorded. Text Ads, banners, videos ... we are here to guide you, whatever format broadcast !

  • The partners remain & lsquo; up-to-Date’ with the latest Google tools and the latest products
  • Partners spend a certification administered by Google each year
  • ‘Proven success’ is the basis of Google certified partner training
  • Ad Words Certified partners work directly with Google for any product or training udpate
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