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We are located in Montreal, and although our SEO services extend to overseas customers, we firmly believe that the personal encounter with our customers is a unique way to bind a strong confidence for development projects based on the long-term.

So this page is out in the top results of search engines on the keywords ‘SEO Montreal‘ to attract visitors to our site and show, at the same time, several things related to our methodology :

  • A clean and well-studied internal content is essential to place useful keywords such as "SEO Montreal '.
  • This well-defined content will be found by those interested in SEO, to Montreal, as : you – long-term.
  • We are a Quebec company and continue to favor local contracts (if they fall within the latitude of our mandates)


We meet all our customers on a weekly or monthly basis, in the region of Montreal, to ensure a clear understanding of the work undertaken SEO, and their impacts.

We usually meet entrepreneurs, team leaders, communication or marketing managers, for small, medium and large businesses in the greater Montreal area. We believe that a meeting can greatly facilitate the communication process useful knowledge, and priorities, and thus reduce the client maximum. If you are in Quebec and you are interested in testing services BlackcatSEO, do not hesitate and contact us to set up a meeting soon.

We are confident that we Natural SEO services, to Montreal, use a methodology largely unmatched in the market until today.


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