SEO Catering , Restaurants – SEO Case

//SEO Catering , Restaurants – SEO Case
SEO Catering , Restaurants – SEO Case 2017-04-27T16:23:52+00:00

SEO Catering , Restaurants – SEO Case


We help restaurateurs, caterers, and other professional service, catering or food, in Montreal or in France. We specialized in organic SEO techniques, natural and effective, that ensure a skilled and increased visibility. We start the work with a general correction code and the definition content of the sites. Then, we establish local roots, and fans, in your area, to increase your local presence. Finally, we are multiple backlinks campaigns so that restaurateurs, caterers and enjoy the best customer, to Montreal, or elsewhere.



The gourmet Pan


Click catering

Market :

  • Very erratic depending on the month and time of year
  • Volume data relate to the main keywords of our clients
  • Competition sharing local search volume of such keywordstrends



Work completed :

  • Full site optimization
  • Categorization review
  • Adding pages deep for the long tail
  • External SEO Campaign
  • Optimizations UX
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Geolocation Site


Rankings :

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Traffic :

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