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Ecommerce SEO – SEO Case


Blackcat SEO Reference E-commerce shops, for sale in pure line. We have developed organic SEO strategies (not pay) for Canadian markets, French & English, as well as United States, France and Belgium. For some of our clients, we reviewed the site completely visual, and that & rsquo; experience & rsquo; purchase.


Sale House & inside

Markets :

  • Healths natural products – Pet Shop – Sales for home and & rsquo; inside – GPS & accessories
  • All these markets are very competitive
  • The demand is substantially higher for items for the home


Work completed :

  • HTML5 CSS3 website redesign , responsive
  • Revision of & rsquo; experience & rsquo; purchase
  • External SEO Campaign
  • Optimizations UX
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Geolocation Site

Rankings :

First page on & lsquo; industrial collection’ after two weeks of work, at the beginning of the work in January 2015.


Traffic :

A notable gain was observed on & rsquo; all optimized sites :






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